Beyond the Wall / Más Allá del Muro
a binational puppet party in Ambos Nogales


How to Donate

Click the button to make a tax-deductible donation by credit card. You will be redirected to the Fractured Atlas fundraising page for Jess Kaufman Projects, the producer of Beyond the Wall. For more about Fractured Atlas, scroll down to the FAQ. 

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On May 5th from 1-7p, Ambos Nogales and the borderlands community will unite to celebrate that there's more to life at the border than a wall. 

Led by a group of 15 foot tall puppets created by local teens, the Beyond the Wall || Más Allá del Muro festival is a binational borderlands art festival that's free to the public and family-friendly. Our giant puppets will lead the crowd through the walkable festival on both sides of the wall in downtown Nogales AZ/SON. Featuring booths with professional borderlands artists showing and selling work, and two concert stages with readings, talks, and local musicians, we'll take over Karam Park in Arizona and Plaza Pesqueira in Sonora from 1pm - 7pm. The festival will continue into the month of May via a joint exhibition at two local art spaces featuring festival artists.

This is more than a festival - it's a chance for the community to come together and celebrate the positive about life in the borderlands. The art scene in the area is thriving, and we're offering a chance to build infrastructure that supports artists and young people as we come together. 

We are raising $15,000 USD to support the festival. We are not charging artists or spectators any fees, so all donations go directly to the community. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 

"Ambos Nogales means the two Nogales are connected ... we are one."
- teen participant interviewed on Arizona Public Media, August 2018

Why this festival now? 

Politically driven falsehoods about life at the border are causing a dangerous, escalating militarization in Nogales. First person perspectives are often excluded, but artists and young people have honest, critical voices that can change the conversation. Beyond the Wall's free events amplify those voices to invite discussion and radical listening through play and positivity. Outside the borderlands, Nogales only makes the news when something negative or challenging happens. Through this borderlands community festival, we offer a space to come together, celebrate the region's strengths, and listen

Our Mission 
Más Allá del Muro // Beyond the Wall leads community art projects that showcase authentic, diverse perspectives on life at the border. Run by a coalition of local and international artists, we know there is more to the borderlands than the wall. We offer locals and non-locals an invitation to reconsider and celebrate borderland culture through the eyes of local artists and young people.

Who We Are
We are a coalition of artists and organizers from Nogales, the borderlands, and around North America. Our team includes (listed alphabetically): 

  • Ana Díaz Barriga - Mexico City & Chicago - a puppeteer and scholar, Ana is currently pursuing a PhD in the ways puppetry incites/invokes empathy.

  • Analía Briones - Mexico City & Hermosillo - a bilingual project manager from the Sonora region with experience across the arts and political sectors. 

  • Talya Chalef - Cape Town & New York - a veteran performance maker and producer with a long history of place-based cultural work. 

  • Jacksubeli Gonzalez - Nogales - a community youth & arts organizer with a long history of work for Nogales and a wide network. Member of the Nogales SON cultural council. 

  • Jess Kaufman - New York - a dramaturg & producer working at the intersection of theatre, social practice, and youth, with contacts in state and national government. 

  • Michael Fenlason -Tucson - an experienced arts administrator, founder of arts nonprofit STRADA, and Artistic Director of the Tubac Center for the Arts. 

  • Oscar Lancaster - Nogales - a high school arts teacher born and raised in Nogales, connected to local youth and to youth-serving cultural institutions. 

  • Raúl Leyva - Nogales - a journalist and arts promoter with over 20 years experience in Nogales, with connections in the local government and media. 

  • Abraham Limon - Nogales - an artist working in paper, paint, mosaic, trash, and murals. Nogales local with many individual and group exhibitions in the region. 

  • Jimena Pacheco - Mexico City & Montreal - a trilingual PR and marketing specialist with a focus on promoting artistic and cultural events and festivals. 

  • Elena Vega - Nogales - a musician, poet, photographer and visual artist from Nogales who has exhibited at every major venue and festival in the region. 

"Wise Imagination: Mischief and Mirth at the Wall" - Huffpost 
"Giant Puppets Frolic at Border Fence" - Nogales International
[VIDEO] 2017 event coverage - TV Azteca (Spanish with English subtitles)
[AUDIO] "Arizona teens take part in 4 month binational project" - Arizona Public Media
"Ambos Nogales Students Talk Beyond the Wall" - Nogales International

Projected Impact

  • 30 local artists through festival participation

  • 50 teens aged 14-18 through Pen Pal program

  • 600 people from the Nogales region as spectators at the festival

  • 3,000+ Arizonans and Sonorans through regional media coverage

  • 8,000+ nationally through social media and national level media coverage 

We realize an event this big is a huge undertaking, and you want to know where your money is going! Here's how we'll spend the funds we raise:

$9450 - Production Costs (building awesome puppets and an awesome festival)
$2880 - Admin & Overhead (making it safe, legal, and well-managed)
$2500 - Marketing (inviting folks)
$4000 - Travel (getting everyone there)
$2740 - Contingency (solving last minute problems)
$1500 - Documentation (capturing photos and videos to share with media)

Sub-Total: $23,070
In Kind Support: $6,070 (value of things we're getting for free)
Rollover funds from last year: $2,000 (what we had left over in 2018)
Total: $15,000


Q: Is my contribution tax-deductible?
A: Yes! 
All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law in the U.S., minus the value of any rewards you select. The exact tax-deductible amount of your gift will clearly stated during the checkout process.

Q: I'd like to donate by check. Can I?
A: Yes! 
Please contact us and we will send you the details. If you represent a foundation or charitable trust, let us know and we will also provide the necessary tax ID number and a letter. (

Q: Is this event legal?

A: Yes! We are coordinating with the appropriate authorities to ensure a safe, legal event for everyone. We have already acquired the necessary work visas for our team, and official permission to perform at the wall.

Q: What’s Fractured Atlas?

A: Fractured Atlas is a nonprofit arts organization that’s serving as our fiscal sponsor. By fiscally sponsoring us, they make our donations tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and offer a ton of other useful services. Their fees are the lowest around and we have access to donated funds right away, which helps us plan and prepare. They get 5% of what we raise (included in the Admin section of our budget) and use that money to help other artists. Basically, they're the best!

Read more about Fractured Atlas here.

Q: When will I get my rewards?

A: late May 2019 – we want to focus completely on the festival until it's through, and will ship all rewards in late May when we have time to collate addresses and can include photos from the event. Social thank yous will go out right away, though.

Risks and Challenges

  • A project at this scale carries risks: here’s how we’re handling them.

  • We have strong relationships with local government in both Nogales, and have made CBP and DHS aware of our activities. We have consulted immigration law experts, Border Patrol, and the Department of Homeland Security Cultural Affairs Division to obtain permits and ensure the event is safe and legal. 

  • We are obtaining public liability insurance, as well as insurance to protect our team, participants, and volunteers.

  • The leadership team has experience planning previous events in these specific locations, and significant experience managing large events and budgets. 

  • We have included a contingency fund in the budget for unexpected expenses.

  • If we don’t meet our funding goal, the event will still happen – we will apply for a small emergency grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, but will likely have to turn to corporate sponsors. Your donation will help us keep the event local and grassroots.

Questions? Contact:
Jess Kaufman, Producer